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location: Oude Kerk, Amsterdam

date: August 23rd and 24th 2014


This project by visual artist MARGRET WIBMER was part of SALON / BIG BANG.


The documentation is in progress; more images, statements and text will be added over the coming weeks. Please also click on the icons above for more information.


Everyone who participated or witnessed this event is invited to send us their photo’s and statements:



TIME OUT is another ‘metaphor for the perceptive and cognitive exchange between humans and the world, which is the primary goal of Margret Wibmer’s art’* (*L. Seyfarth).







Project assistant Rei Kakiuchi during TIME OUT in an overcoat designed for this project by visual artist Margret Wibmer. 


Images below: preparing and handing out the overcoats. 












photo: Malaya Wibmer

above: a young couple going for some ‘time out’. 







above: project assistant Rei with a visitor and participant from India.







Two Russian ladies ‘timing out’. The outfit designed for this project serves as interface and protection, and contributes to creating a different awareness of time, space and being, bridging personal histories, experiences and memories with the history of Oude Kerk, the oldest building in Amsterdam. 




Below: participant negotiating and preparing his location and  position




photo: Marianna Maruyama




















photo: Malaya Wibmer

 A visitor felt inspired and took this opportunity to make his best shot of the ceiling. 



Below: Each position offers different references, a different experience, a different architectural view, different acoustics, different relations. 









foto mirko

photo: Mirko Lazovik



Some participants are related to Oude Kerk (Old Church)  through a person history. The image below  shows  Gijs Stork on top of his forefathers grave. 




‘Had a very special TIME OUT by Margret Wibmer between my uber great grandparents Dirck de Vlaming van Oudtshoorn & Wendela van Bronckhorst on grave 92-93 in the Hoge Koor’ (Gijs Stork, co-curator of SALON / BIG BANG)


Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 22.53.58

photocollage: Gijs Stork





This project offered some wonderful opportunities for personal exchange.



photo: Malaya WIbmer


exchange garderobe

photo: Malaya WIbmer




This project was supported by:





All photographs by Margret Wibmer unless mentioned otherwise.

Photograph background: Rei Kakiuchi


























A participatory intervention by visual artist Margret Wibmer

in collaboration with SALON / Big Bang at Oude Kerk in Amsterdam, August 23/24 2014.




TIME OUT aimed at connecting visitors of the Oude Kerk with the church as historic monument through a conscious extension of the process of perception through which the familiar body-space experience is invalidated. The interaction takes place through shift of predictable behavior.


Visitors to Oude Kerk were invited to wear an overcoat designed by Margret Wibmer before being guided through the church to look for a place to lie down on the floor. For physical comfort a rubber mat was provided, covered with sheets of delicate fabric. The coat functioned as a protection and helped the visitor to feel safe and ‘justify’ this unruly behaviour.


Screenshot 2014-08-27 11.20.06



Screenshot 2014-08-27 11.19.20




Screenshot 2014-08-27 11.19.33




Screenshot 2014-08-27 11.19.47



Screenshot 2014-08-27 11.20.41 

photogrpahs 1 – 5 by JW Kaldenbach


Our awareness changes when taking on a horizontal position, it changes our perception and allows us to see and hear things that go unnoticed otherwise. Looking into the sky in this location offers an array of architectural details and ornaments on the ceiling, variations in material, different shades and structures. Taking on this position  might also invite some thoughts about nature and human, life and death as the floor consists entirely of gravestones. 



photo: Marianna Maruyama




photo: Marianna Maruyama


Lying flat on the ground in a public space is also an act of resistance. An invitation to rethink the current state of the world and shape a personal view that might contribute to social change and new models of behaviour. 




 photo: Rei Kakiuchi




photo: Rei Kakiuchi




 photo: Rei Kakiuchi


Images below: This woman chose to lie on top of the gravestone of Saskia, Rembrand’s wife.






 photographs: Rei Kakiuchi



margret mareike_0062 copy

photograph: Rei Kakiuchi




photograph: Rei Kakiuchi 


image below: 
This man wanted to try it too…lying on to op Saskia gravestone.



photograph: Rei Kakiuchi







photo: Rei Kakiuchi


Spectacular view from horizontal position.


Some participants came specifically to take part in this project, most of them were tourists, visiting the church. This historic monument with a total floor size of more than 3000 square meters and a rich variety of different architectural elements offered a lot of choice in terms of finding a spot to lie down. No matter which spot was chosen a fascinating play between space, objects, light and sound was a given.  



photograph: Rei Kakiuchi




photograph: Rei Kakiuchi


Images below: a participant and curious onlookers.


Some participants took the invitation to lie down on the church floor as an opportunity to meditate, with eyes closes. Visitors of the church gave their own interpretation of those lying on the ground in this outfit which, in the context of the church, was interpreted by some as a monks clothing’s, others felt it looked like a modern mummy (wrapped dead body). 



photograph: Rei Kakiuchi




photograph: Rei Kakiuchi


This participant who knows the Oude Kerk very well, chose her favourite spot and was lying completely still, meditating for at least 30 minutes. Onlookers were wondering if she is alright and what she is doing there. 



More information will be added soon!



 photograph: Rei Kakiuchi

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