Suisei-Art introduces the works of contemporary Asian and international artists through exhibitions, lectures and collaborative projects with partners in Asia, Europe and the United States of America.


It stimulates cross cultural and interdisciplinary collaboration between visual artists, dancers, musicians, historians and other experts in Japanese culture and traditions.


Suisei-Art collaborates with art historian Hitoshi Mori and his private library Sankibunko which houses more than 20.000 books on visual arts, design and art history.







Both Suisei-Art and Sankibunko want to stimulate the discussion about Japanese and international arts and design and run a lecture program, workshops and an  international AIR program.








Akane Nakamori and Margret Wibmer met when both lived in New York City in the 1980ies. Since Akane Nakamori returned to Kanazawa and Margret Wibmer settled in Amsterdam/Europe they have worked together on several projects. The first larger scale collaboration took place in 2010 titled ‘the girl and her object – linking international artists Vol. 1: Margret Wibmer and Kiyomi Yamashita’ when Akane Nakamori and Art Gummi Gallery invited Austrian/Dutch artist Margret Wibmer to collaborate with Butoh Dancer Kiyomi Yamashita, musician Minowa Norihito and Mori Norihiro (sound engineering and computer programming; Modrillo Studio). In 2012 artist and art curator Akane Nakamori founded Suisei-art, promoting Japanese art and culture and Margret Wibmer set up the arts and cultural alliance Mbassy Unlimited. This creates a good base for continuous collaborative activities, deepening cultural understanding and stimulating professional exchange between artists.






preparations for the exhibition at Art Gummi Gallery in Kanazawa, 2010; interactive installation with 50 antique radios 

from the collection of Mr. Yamazaki. Wibmer’s installation served as ‘playground’ for contemporary dancer Kiyomi Yamashita.

[ With Akane Nakamori, Minowa Norihito, Norihiro Mori and others. ]






Margret Wibmer – 2010 – victor – lambdaprint on dibont – 100 x 100 cm – Ed. 5 + 1 AP


[This work was produced in Kanazawa at the house of Mr. and Mrs. Yamazaki.]