With a beautiful essay written by Steven ten Thije
limited and signed edition of 60


(30 dutch / 30 english)



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The text is a reflection about a work that not only addresses our relationship with things but also our relationship with history, with other people and with artworks. Steven ten Thije writes in his essay about the relational field between what is shown in the image, the girl, her gaze, her coat; the object she is holding and the black background; the passé partout and the frame surrounding the photograph; the viewer of the work, the artist, the buyer and the word ‘sold’ which creates and holds the tention between all of these elements. 



Publisher: Mbassy Unlimited
Photography, artwork: Margret Wibmer
Author: Steven ten Thije
Graphic design: Jozee Brouwer
translation: Chris Meighan /
printing: EPS Amsterdam

size: 10,5 x 15 centimeters

full colour, 20 pages, digital print, stitch bound


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Margret Wibmer

ambiguity – bodies, objects and spaces



publisher: Kerber Verlag

edited by: Studio Margret Wibmer

authors: Ludwig Seyfarth und Margret Wibmer

graphic design:Jozee Brouwer


ISBN: 978-3-86678-464-2
Format: 24,00 × 21,00 cm
Pages: 96
Illustrations: 140 colored and 9 b/w illustrations
Cover: Hardcover, bound

German | English



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Mbassy Unlimited is a not for profit artist initiative and is supported by individuals and organizations who believe  the arts have power to contribute to change in society by challenging accepted codes of behavior, provoking debate and exploring emerging cultural trends.





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