TIME OUT – A participatory intervention by Margret Wibmer during the finissage of SALON / BIG BANG at Oude Kerk in Amsterdam.

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08/23: 11.00 am – 5.00

08/24:   1.30 pm – 5.00 pm



During finissage of SALON / BIG BANG  at Oude Kerk Amsterdam


Visitors will be invited to wear an overcoat designed by Margret Wibmer before being guided through the church and invited to choose a place to lie down on the floor. For physical comfort a rubber mat covered with sheets of fabric will be provided. The coat functions as a protection and helps the visitor to ‘justify’ this unruly behavior.

Our awareness changes when taking on a horizontal position, it allows us to see and hear things that go unnoticed otherwise. Looking into the sky in this location offers an array of architectural details and ornaments on the ceiling, variations in material, different shades and structures. Taking on this position might also invite some thoughts about nature and human, life and death as the floor consists entirely of gravestones.
TIME OUT is another ‘metaphor for the perceptive and cognitive exchange between humans and the world, which is the primary goal of Margret Wibmer’s art’* (*L. Seyfarth).


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Project assistants: Marianna Maruyama, Mirko Lazovic, Rei Kakiuchi, Valentina Morianz, Malaya Wibmer, Lou Etoundi Menanga, Nell Berger.