MBASSY Unlimited launches ‘conversations with artists’, presenting FLORIAN KREPCIK in conversation with MARGRET WIBMER. Hosted by the AUSTRIAN EMBASSY in Den Hague



Mbassy Unlimited introduces emerging visual artists who’s work engenders multiple disciplines and areas of knowledge, while inventing or adapting new production methods. It is from these artists’ viewpoint as inquisitive minds, who dare to negotiate their position regardless of the art canon and the art market steered by commercial interests, that we can experience and gain understanding of changes in today’s society.


These events are local art experiences for small groups, that provide expertise and tools for looking at contemporary art in a friendly and informal atmosphere. Each event is carefully planned to maximize the individual and group experience.


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‘Mbassy Unlimited is a direct extension of my activities as an artist, educator, lecturer and mediator. With MBU I initiate contemporary art and culture projects through an expanding international network of collaborators. I believe that the sharing of knowledge, experience and thought contributes to our wellbeing and growth on a humanitarian level and will give us a better understanding of a world that has become highly mobile & interactive and severely constrained & challenging in our economic development & cultural sector.’ [ Margret Wibmer ]