On Thursday  February 6th Mbassy Unlimited presented Marianna Maruyama at GEMAK in The Hague.



Marianna Maruyama three movements –

in conversation with artist Margret Wibmer


hosted by GEMAK and supported by the Austrian Embassy, The Hague



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Mbassy Unlimited introduces emerging visual artists who’s work engenders multiple disciplines and areas of knowledge, while inventing or adapting new production methods.   It is from these artists’ viewpoint as inquisitive minds, who dare to negotiate their position regardless of the art canon and the art market steered by commercial interests, that we can experience and gain understanding of changes in today’s society.   These local events hosted by different organisations, are art experiences for small groups, that provide expertise and tools for looking at contemporary art in a friendly and informal atmosphere.  Each event is carefully planned to maximize the individual and group experience.







“What is movement without mobility? Resistance faced and the false notion of having choices. We, that is, the entire planet, live with nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, radiation uncontained which threatens all forms of life. Decisions made prior to our births or with-out our consent or even with our consent now force us to take positions and to stand somewhere – are we for or against? Do we remain, abstain, or evacuate? Affirm, reject, revolt?”  [Marianna Maruyama]












Marianna Maruyama (1980, California) is an artist based in the Netherlands, currently pursuing an MFA from the Dutch Art Institute. Through writing, sound recording, drawing and play, she looks for ways that movement facilitates an understanding of position. On February 6th 2014, she performed a multilayered collaborative text, relating to the great Tohoku Earthquake of 2011.  






Photographs event: Mirko Lazović

All artworks and writing: © Marianna Maruyama






photograph: public source /  bags filled with radio active waist, 2011




photograph: public source / Tokyo bay 2011




Marianna Maruyama: “If there is a return…” , 2011




Marianna Maruyama: “Rest”, 2011




Marianna Maruyama: “Movement of Land”, 2011



The following photographs taken in 2011 are from the archives of the artist. 















Unless mentioned otherwise, all artworks and photographs : © Marianna Maruyama




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