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GEMAK is the Vrije Academie’s exhibition space in The Hague. The Netherlands. It offers artists an inspiring platform for provocative Art*Politics*Debate projects.

GEMAK is both literally and figuratively speaking in the centre of society and shows art that is food for thought and touches a nerve.

Gemak’s sensational exhibitions explore a variety of topical issues from surprising perspectives. The Gemak galleries have played host to art from Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East, and also from Armenia and Russia. In Kibri a Kulturu, Marcel Pinas showed how the Maroons of Suriname have been driven from their home, causing their culture to disappear. Dutch photographer Joël van Houdt travelled with a Moroccan refugee fleeing by boat, producing a spectacular series of photographs that was shown at Gemak.

Gemak’s exhibitions are never isolated events; they are generally accompanied by lectures, interviews and debates, where art provides the inspiration rather than the subject. The activities often concern social issues and politics.