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During out second edition of  WHILE THE WORLD IS IN FLUX, I will introduce the concept behind TIME OUT. A participatory performance which took place at Oude Kerk in Amsterdam an EYE filmmuseum in the summer of 2014 and at RMIT Design Hub in Melbourne where it was part of the exhibition FASHION & PERFORMANCE curated by Dr. Jessica Bugg and Anna-Nicole Ziesche.   Download the exhibition guide for more information. More information will be added soon.


Date:                   Thursday April 23, 2015
Location:             KNSM laan 153 in Amsterdam (Loods 6)
Time:                   8 p.m.
Price:                  Euro 15,– p.p.
Language:          English unless everyone speaks Dutch


Maximum number of participants per session: 8 



Please send an email to for reservations and if you have any questions.
If you like to come with a closed group please contact us for additional dates.




Image on top:
Time Out performed at RMIT Design Hub as part of FASHION & PERFORMANCE
Concept and garments: Margret Wibmer.
Video and photography image on top: Marc Morel
Photography exhibition overview: Tobias Titz 



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