Focusing on visual arts, but explicitly granting attention to the crossings and interactions with other disciplines and knowledges, DAI (Master of Fine Art at the ArtEZ Faculty of Art and Design), provides emerging artists with a two-year English taught program that enables them to deepen their exploration of theoretical, conceptual, curatorial and productional aspects of art, both at the forefront and at the fringes of contemporary practice. DAI aims to promote new perspectives on collaboration and exchange, production and distribution, ethics and aesthetics and brings together practitioners from all over the world, a fleeting community committed to beauty, truth and resistance through art and critical theory.




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Since 2012 Margret Wibmer is DAI’s network ambassador and fundraiser, promoting the institute through word of mouth in and outside The Netherlands and through social media. As a fundraiser she works together with the Dutch Art Institute and others on funding solutions for outstanding and exceptionally motivated artists, notably from the ‘Global South’, who wish to persue a study at DAI.