On Friday March 6th Mbassy Unlimited presented:



Chris Meighan – Alpha, gala, omega, agelada –

in conversation with artist Margret Wibmer


hosted by GEMAK and supported by the Austrian Embassy, The Hague


During our last event and the presentation of Marianna Maruyama’s work, we were talking about taking positions as individual citizens in the face of tragic disaster like the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011. Do we accept and affirm situations that seem too complex for us to understand, leaving it all up to so-called experts or do we revolt and reject or at least critically reflect on rules and information handed out?


Chris Meighan talks through his artworks about similar concerns. About reducing our dependency on goverments and industry and the power of taking things into our own hands, quite literally.



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This was the third edition in a series of events presenting emerging European and international artists, living and working in The Netherlands. Our mission is to communicate and to ignite a new dialogue from the artist’s perspective.




image on the page: © Chris Meighan – Cow number #1, 02-2011, dims 54x17x28mm. Semi-skimmed milk, white vinegar.



Chris Meighan (1979) is an Amsterdam-based artist working primarily with ‘technical research as artistic medium’. The core of this concept is a focus on the conceptual and aesthetic implications of technical research, as opposed to its practical outcomes. In this way, his role can also be described as that of a ‘subjective scientist’, one for whom the practical is personal. Performance, video and writing also play key roles in his practice. He is a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art (2004) and the Dutch Art Institute (2008).



His hand bound publication ‘Alpha, gala, omega, agelada’ (96 pg) published in 2013 can be ordered directly by sending an email to: cmeighan@gmail.com 



Mbassy Unlimited is an independent alliance for contemporary art & culture seeking to create new equity for the arts in an increasingly challenging time. It is founded by Margret Wibmer, an international artist and lecturer.


photographs of event by Yunjoo Kwak




“I am standing at the checkout in Albert Heijn with twelve litres of milk and a litre of vinegar. This is the third time this week that I have been here, buying the same thing. The cashier doesn’t react in any way to the unusualness of what I am purchasing, and I can see no evidence whatsoever that she is asking herself what anyone could be doing with such a large quantity of milk. Twelve litres. And some vinegar. Perhaps she is used to seeing people buying much stranger things. Or perhaps she barely thinks at all, perhaps she has become completely desensitised by the repetitive nature of her work, robotised, reduced to a level of consciousness no higher than the cows that have made this milk, somewhere out there on the polder, raising their heads only very slightly as the blue-and-yellow intercity rushes by. One thousand kilos of bone and meat and four stomachs, but no sense of context or the passage of time.”


Chris Meighan, Alpha gala omega agelada, p. 10



the process of making the cow:
































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