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MBASSY UNLIMITED (MBU), founded by artist Margret Wibmer, is an independent alliance for contemporary art & culture that initiates cross-cultural and trans-disciplinary collaboration.


MBUs mission is to communicate and to ignite a new dialogue from the artists perspective relating to a broadening audience in light of an increasing global interconnection.


As a direct extension of Margret Wibmer’s work itself and the artists achievements as educator and lecturer, MBU presents a new platform from which to launch contemporary art and culture projects through an expanding international network of collaborators.


MBU enacts visual, performative, and interactive concepts to create profound and compelling experiences that inspire and engage a diverse audience.


As a comprehensive LAB, MBU brings together a wide range of professionals to explore the relationship between contemporary arts, design & technology, and intrinsic cultural knowledge.


MBU’s goal is to generate new models of interaction between art and other disciplines and knowledges.


The underlying principle of this collaborative process is like a Rhizome which spreads its roots in all directions, seeking connections and fertile ground.


On the basis of genuine personal relationships, mutual understanding, artistic merit, social integrity, and curatorial independence, MBU projects are developed in partnership with independent curators, cultural institutions, the commercial industry and private entities around the world.


MBU seeks to create new equity for the arts in an increasingly challenging time.









Margret Wibmer – apparition – 2012 – fine art print on dibond – 110 x 100 cm. Ed. 5



Margret Wibmer studied at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna before she moved to New York in 1983. While developing her own art work in a loftspace in Downtown Brooklyn, she worked as an assistant for artist Sol Lewitt at Studio Kazuko Miyamoto / Gallery 128 and John Weber Gallery. She also designed clothing and worked as a freelance stylist for fashion photographers and TV productions. In 1990 she moved to Amsterdam / The Netherlands.
Wibmer has participated in many international exhibitions and one-woman shows since 1984 and has collaborated with musicians and dancers in Europe, the US and Asia. Gallery 175 in Seoul (KR),  KAI 10 – arthena foundation in Düsseldorf (DE), Art Gummi Gallery in Kanazawa (JP), Kunstraum Dreieich, Frankfurt a. M. (DE)





Margret Wibmer – victor2010 – lambda print on dibond – 1o0 x 100 cm. Ed. 5



performative installation – the holding – 2006



Her work has been featured in Sony Style Magazine, Time Capsule/Creative Time Inc. and other publications. In 2010 Kerber Verlag published ‘Margret Wibmer – ambiguity – bodies, objects and spaces’, which contains an overview of her installations, objects and photographs. She has received grants from Pollock Krasner Foundation, the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, the Arts and Culture, the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts, Design and Architecture, Mondriaan Foundation, Prins Claus Fund for Culture and Development, Tijl Fund, Tiroler Landesregierung and others.
She has taught at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts’ BFA program (AKI) for 8 years and was chief ambassador for the Association of Independent Art and Design Schools (AIAS) from 2006 – 2011. She has collaborated with Maryland Institute College of Art, the Korean National University of Arts and others. Currently she is a freelance network ambassador for the Dutch Art Institute in Arnhem / The Netherlands.
Margret Wibmer works systematically on the border between art and fashion. ‘Surreal ensembles of spaces and bodies, which are always newly conceived in her work, are permeated by signs of a complex culturalization that transcends both geographic limits and unambiguous historical classifications.’ * (*Magdalena Kröner, art journalist –

Margret Wibmer | biography 


lives and works in amsterdam, The Netherlands 


Margret Wibmer works systematically on the border between art and fashion. Surreal ensembles of spaces and bodies, which are always newly conceived in her work, are permeated by signs of a complex culturalization that transcends both geographic limits and unambiguous historical classifications. 



1959 born in Lienz, Austria

1980 – 1983 studies at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna, Austria 

1983 – 1989 lived and worked in New York City. 


First solo exhibition at Fashion Moda Gallery in the South Bronx. Worked         as an assistant for the American artist Sol Lewitt at Kazuko Miyamoto studio and John Weber Gallery.


1990 moved to Amsterdam./ The Netherlands. collaborations with the Center for Science and Computer. Studies and the STEIM Institute in amsterdam. 

2001 founded her own label ‘Imoto’, a platform for experimental interventions in which she introduces elements of dance, music, fashion and architecture


2003 – 2012

tutor Contextual Art Practice at Artez Institue of the Arts in Enschede (NL) 

guest lecturer at the Dutch Art Institute (DAI) / The Netherlands, Maryland Institute College of Art / US, Hangzhou Normal University / China , Korean National University of Arts, Seoul (KR) and others.


2012 Founded the independent arts and culture initiative MBASSY UNLIMITED


Currently Networks ambassador and fundraiser Dutch Art Insitute (DAI)



exhibitions , installations and performances




macht / power – prevent.on Frankfurt – frankfurt a. M. (DE) catalog 

time out / EYE Filmmuseum, Amsterdam (NL) / participatory intervention 

musashi brave adventures / Styleconception, Innsbruck (AT)/ SOLO / participatory intervention 

time out / Oude Kerk, Amsterdam / participatorische interventie in het kader van Salon Big Bang /(NL) 

remix / PUNT WG Amsterdam / Kurator Maaraten Bertheux / SOLO/(NL) 

Galerie Ramakers – 20 jaar Galerie Ramakers – Den Haag / (NL) 

Dolomitendomino 2 / Museum Schloss Bruck, Lienz – , catalog /(AT)



some stars are never seen in some locations / Galerie Lumen Travo, Amsterdam / SOLO / (NL) 

peanuts of joy / Kunstraum Dreieich, Frankfurt am Main / (DE) 

fremder äther / Galerie Gaudens Pedit, Lienz / SOLO / (AT) 

We Like Art! / Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam / i.s.m. Galerie Lumen Travo / (NL) 

fashion & performance: materiality, meaning, media / Mode Biennale in Arnhem; – 

video: absence of the tea master / catalog / (NL) 

absence of the tea master / Ishikawa Nishida Kitaro Museum of Philosophy, Japan 

(in coll. w. Akane Nakamori) / participatorisch event / (JP) SOLO 

transition from departure to arrival / Weltkunstzimmer in Düsseldorf / Performance en installatie. 

(in coll. w. Akane Nakamori) / (D) SOLO

transition / The Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam / participatorische interventie 

(in coll. w. Akane Nakamori ) / (NL) SOLO 

WonderWood te gast bij Galerie Ramakers / Galerie Ramakers , Den Haag / (NL) 

Art Rotterdam / i.s.m. Galerie Lumen Travo / (NL) 

Schau Fenster Schau / Raum für Kunst in Berlijn / (DE)



ceremonies and other miracles / Kunstraum 49 / Duesseldorf / SOLO/ (DE) 

drawing matters / Gallery OnetwentyEight / New York City / (VS) 

collection pieces / Raiffeissenbank Jochberg / SOLO/ (AT)



Margret Wibmer – south east / Galerie Lumen Travo Amsterdam / The Netherlands / SOLO 

three days generator basement productions / Gallery 175 / Seoul / South Korea / SOLO 

transformed objects / KAI 10 – Arthena Foundation / Düsseldorf / Germany catalog 

bibim 5 / Anyang APAP / Seoul (KR) catalog 

another world – eine andere welt / kunstraum Dreieich / Dreieich bei Frankfurt a.M. catalog



 artgummi links international artists / vol. 1: margret wibmer & kiyomi yamashita 

kanazawa / japan SOLO catalog 

body language / galerie lumen travo / amsterdam/ the netherlands 

in between austria contemporary / zentrum für gegenwartskunst, montenegro 

-”- cyprus cultural foundation, nikosia 

-”- kadir has university rezzan has museum / istanbul / turkey 

blossoming /galerie ramakers /den haag /holland 

new works at art amsterdam / with lumen travo gallery / holland 

display, fotogalerie / vienna / austria catalog



inbetween – austria contemporary / galerija umjetnina, split / croatia catalog 

die welt aus der wir kommen /galerie martin mertens / berlin / germany 

heldenfrauen – frauenhelden kaiserliche hofburg / innsbruck / austria 

separating the myth from the reality kathmandu / nepal / catalog 

cella complesso monumentale di san michele a ripa / rom / italy / soundinstallation /catalog 

15 years galerie ramakers / den haag / holland 

sculptures at the rodd – the first two years sidney nolan trust / presteigne / great britain


dürer war auch hier museum kunstforum pan / emmerich / germany / catalog 

in between – austria contemporary / genia schreiber gallery / tel aviv / israel/ catalog 


2007: natto lumen travo gallery / amsterdam / SOLO 

art rotterdam with galerie lumen travo / holland 

zona ovest biblioteca nazionale univeristaria/ turin / italy /catalog 

celebrating twenty years in six weeks gallery onetwentyeight / new york city / united states


2006: entering a strange field kunstpavillon innsbruck / austria / interactive installation / catalog 

0.33 % of a collection kunstvereniging diepenheim / holland / SOLO 

uitgepakt in zwolle museum de fundatie / zwolle / holland 

ca. 1.000 m2 tiroler kunst kunstraum / innsbruck / austria 

opera austria centro per l’arte contemporanea luigi pecci / prato / italy / catalog 

objects and photographs gallery ramakers / den haag / holland 

art fair amsterdam gallery ramakers / den haag / holland 

cologne fine art represented by galerie zeitkunst / kitzbühel 

kreuz und quer – works of artists of the gallery, galerie zeitkunst / kitzbühel / austria


2005: recent works lumen travo gallery / amsterdam / holland / SOLO 

dance with me gallery onetwentyeight / new york city 

6 positionen court house matrei i.o / austria 


2004: extracting the blue lumen travo gallery / amsterdam / holland 

tour – retour kunstpavillion innsbruck / austria / catalog 

recent works zeitkunst gallery / kitzbühel / austria 

ladenkastproject phoebus gallery / rotterdam / holland 

in the making muiderpoort theater amsterdam; performance with nell berger 

art fair cologne zeitkunst gallery / kitzbühel / austria


2003: open museum night gallery phoebus / rotterdam / performance 

art dans la ville st. etienne / france / catalog 

zusammengetragen RLB kunstbrücke / innsbruck / austria / catalog 

kraftwerk peripher kraftwerk imst / austria / installation ausflug / catalog 

recent aquisitions institut of art history at the university of innsbruck / austria 

art fair vienna zeitkunst gallery / kitzbühel / austria


2002: recent works galerie kultec / lienz / austria / SOLO 

mama cash art award boothuis / rotterdam /catalog 

art fair Innsbruck austria / gallery parade / amsterdam 

strukturen galerie im taxispalais / innsbruck /austria / catalog 

art fair amsterdam gallery parade / amsterdam 

summersalt gallery onetwentyeight / new york city 

donateursprenten grafisch atelier / utrecht / holland 

windowlicker artwalk / amsterdam / performance and installation 

art fair vienna austria / gallery parade / amsterdam 


2001: recent works gallery parade / amsterdam / SOLO 

28. austrian graphics awards galerie im taxispalais / innsbruck /austria / catalog 

migrating identity hooghuis arnhem / holland / CD-rom 

fetishistic gallery onetwentyeight / new york city 

rencontre paris/berlin new media festival / berlin / germany


2000: fusion 2000 new media conference / weimar / germany / presentation off the wall 

mauerschau bagagehal loods 6 / amsterdam / video documentation 

incontro le credac / paris / france / catalog 

die desorientierung des blickes museum de beyerd / breda /holland / premiere of the virtual reality opera off the wall / catalog 

on(e)line as part of the world wide video festival / gate foundation / amsterdam


More exhibitions at:



interactive and performative installations


2014 time out / Oude Kerk, Amsterdam / (NL) 

time out / EYE FIlmmuseum, Amsterdam / (NL) 

musashi brave adventures / Styleconceptions, Innsbruck / (AT)


2013 absence of the tea master

A collaboration with Akane Nakamori; Ishikawa Nishida Kitaro Museum of Philosophy, (JP) 

transition from arrivial to departure / Weltkunstzimmer Düsseldorf / (DE) 

A collaboration with Akane Nakamori; 

transition / The Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam / (NL) 

A collaboration with Akane Nakamori; 


2010 victor’s bride performative installation at Art Gummi Gallery in collaboration with Kiyomi Yamashita.


2009 warteraum interactive soundinstallation for ‘cella’ in collaboration with the musician Byungjun Kwon


2007 the tailor interactive project presentation in collaboration with the musician Robert Poss


2006 the holding kunstpavillon innsbruck/austria 


since 2002 development of performative installation in collaboration with the STEIM institute in amsterdam and the musician robert van heumen 

1998 – 2000 off the wall interactive virtual reality opera in collaboration with the austrian composer g. zechberger 


1998 wrappings a site specific installation / leiden /the netherlands

public commissions


1999 never too late museum zeughaus / innsbruck / austria / permanent interactive installation 



curatorial work


2011 Showroom Arnhem/ NL ‘testing the water’. In coll. w the Korean 

National University of Arts und ArtEZ, Institute of the Arts.

2008 Museum Kunstforum PAN, Emmerich (DE)‘Dürer war auch hier ‘ (AIAS project)

2000 Museum De Beyerd’, Breda (NL) ‘Die Desorientierung des Blickes’


Collaborative projects

with Günter Zechberger, Robert Poss, Robert van Heumen, Nell Berger, Byungjun Kwon, Kiyomi Yamashita and others.




selected bibliography


Steven ten Thije: ‘the girl and her object’ , in a limited edition publication by the same title.

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Reinhard Braun: die desorientierung des blickes (exhibition catalog) Published by Museum De Beyerd / Breda (NL), 2000

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Fonds BKVB, Prins Bernhard Cultural Foundation, Thijl Fonds, Prins Bernhard Foundaiton / Mondriaan Foundation / Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 

Federal Ministry of art, culture and education / Vienna, Fohn Foundation/ Vienna, Tiroler Landesregierung, Innsbruck / austria. Pollock Krasner Foundation / new york city 



Förderpreis des Landes Tirol in 1998 and the tyrolian culture award in 2006.

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